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Video Case Study

Following discussions over a four-year period on how to facilitate emptying of train CET tanks at Tonbridge Sidings, Rail Depot Solutions (RDS) provided the solution South Eastern Trains were looking for. Numerous problems on site that had to be overcome included access, power and lighting, to name but a few. The original temporary CET proposal was expanded several times, culminating in the final solution that includes semi-permanent CET including rinsing, tanking, mains sewer connection, task lighting, DCCR protection boarding and slip free walkways. To best illustrate the success of this project, a drone was commissioned to carry out a video survey of the site – the resulting footage can be viewed here:

Video 1 - Shows the Super Silent Suction Pump that has been utilised to avoid noise disturbance to neighbouring properties - the sound level at these properties has been recorded as only 48dBA. Two larger water storage tanks can also be identified in the video, incorporating their own plant rooms which also house the latest, super quiet inverter controlled, automatic water booster pumps for tanking and rinsing services. In the distance, the road where connection was made to the local foul sewer can be seen.

Video 1 - Super Silent Suction Pump

Video 2 - Identifies the servicing points alongside the tracks in the sidings - each servicing point includes effluent suction, rinsing, tanking water top up and task lighting. Each suction point train connection hose incorporates a sacrificial link to prevent damage to the system, should a train movement should occur while the hose is still connected. This feature has been included in line with the Network Rail NR/L2/RMVP/27176: 2020 specification for Controlled Emission Toilet (CET) servicing installation.

Video 2 - Servicing points alongside tracks in the sidings

Video 3- Illustrates the servicing points alongside a berthed 4 car-set, along with the upgraded GRP walkways and DCCR protection boarding.

Video 3 - Servicing points alongside a berthed 4 car-set