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Carriage Wash Machines

Huge investments are being made to upgrade depots across the country that house and maintain the new and improved trains. These important facilities play an essential role in the performance of a railway and it is for this reason that purpose-built maintenance equipment has been created. When major upgrades and modifications are undertaken, access to get trains washed can be restricted or sometimes the process is made impossible. Another problem faced by operators is that many depots were designed and built many years ago without the thought of the provision of train washing equipment. The use of temporary CWM’s when renewing or upgrading facilities to meet the changing needs of train operating companies has become a more popular solution for train operators for many reasons, including:

  • Shorter Lead-times
  • More cost effective
  • Tailored solution
  • More flexible option – made-to-measure for compact housings
  • Less impact on operational safety or the running of services

When renewing or upgrading facilities, RDS has the expertise to provide a bespoke, cost- effective low-maintenance solution that will be delivered within budget and on time to suit the operational requirements of the depot. By installing a bespoke temporary CWM washing can often be carried out where it was previously not thought possible and without the costs, inconvenience and delays of moving tracks or other equipment. For example, a wash with a relatively narrow footprint can be designed and installed to be as compact as possible whilst still achieving the required cleaning standards.

Generally a temporary carriage washing machine can be installed and operational in just a few short weeks without any compromise in performance or ease of use and minimal disruption to day-to-day depot operations. Our temporary CWM’s also deliver maximum reliability, a key consideration with depots that are constantly under pressure to return vehicles to service as quickly as possible.