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Adaptions & Alterations

Adapting and Altering rather than replacing is fast becoming a more popular solution for a quicker, more cost effective fix with a system that’s tailored to the needs of the customer. This is something we specialise in, whether it’s delivering a temporary train wash of a bespoke size to fit in a small area, providing special-purpose mobile equipment or just updating redundant plant.

Most Rail Depot fixed equipment is designed with a life of 25 years and, during this time, the requirements are likely to change several times, requiring alterations or adaptions to rolling stock and the number of carriages per set.

These changes quite often require alterations to Trainwashes, CET's, Tanking and fuelling installations to ensure that train cleaning, fluid removal and replenishing is at its optimum, with tripping hazards from trailing hoses kept to a minimum.

In order to deliver the perfect solution for the modification of carriage wash plant, we evaluate current performance and provide advice and proposals for restoring effectiveness and upgrade options to suit individual requirements.

RDS has carried out many adaptions and alterations, including:

  • Refurbishment and upgrading of existing plants
  • Changing CWM Brushes to Flails
  • Modifying Frame Adjusters to more easily adjust Brush/Flail Lap
  • Changing CWM Flails to Brushes
  • Adding additional CET Points
  • Adding additional Tanking Points
  • Adding Auto Closing Valves to increase safety of Tanking operations
  • Modifying Automatic CET system due to redundancy of existing equipment
  • Upgrading CWM PLC due to non-availability of parts